What is your Deadly Nightmare?

Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage brings you back to the nightmare world, where your mission it so try and break the curse before 6 AM. In the first Deadly Nightmare game, you played the role of John, but this time around you take the role of his grandmother. Surviving is not easy, since you need to explore supernatural locations, figure out what’s wrong and uncover the truth as fast as you can.

Exciting story

Learn more about John’s grandmother and her story

As we know from the first game, his grandmother dies, but we barely know any of the circumstances. All we know is that she captured the curses and John tries to stay away from them until 6 AM. In Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage, we get to learn how his grandmother tackles the curses, and we also get to use her unique powers and intellect to make that a reality. John’s grandmother lived in a mansion along with her family, also known as the Wilsons. Anna, his grandmother, also had a sister named Helen. Unlike the first game where the curse ended up going through the maid, in this game the curse goes through Helen, so you are going against the clock to try and save her as fast as possible!

Powerful, rewarding gameplay

Opening the gate of curses

This time around we also need to complete the Gate of Curses mission, and we do that via finding materials and tools that are necessary to open the gate of curses and defeat the queen. However, that will not be an easy task. It requires a lot of work and attention, and you’ll end up near a lot of different enemies that you will have to face. Which is exactly why you need to be very well prepared, as this is a very demanding and challenging game.

Experiment with various spells

A large number of spells and creatures

Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage adds a large number of new creatures, so you’ll have those from the previous game and many others. On top of that, you also have realistic spells and curses. These help add to the excitement and authenticity of the game, while bringing you a very engaging and fast paced gameplay. You can even use poison to acquire supernatural powers, which will help you survive.

Incredible visual effects

The sequel comes with an old-timey look, which makes it appropriate for the era we are playing in. We added a large variety of special effects to deliver an incredible visual style and appeal. That alone makes the game come to life, while immersing you in a very exciting and empowering world. It’s what makes this entire experience well worth the investment!

Surviving the ultimate scare

In Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage, everything is set against you, so the chances of survival are slim. Playing as John’s grandmother adds a great twist, but you still have to face a lot of horror creatures and ghosts. It really helps bring in a sense of fun and excitement, while allowing you to push the limits in a very intense and fun way. If you like horror-themed, action-packed games, don’t hesitate and try out Deadly Nightmare Unwanted Heritage today. It’s an amazing, very fast paced game that you will enjoy again and again!


-A large number of ghosts and horror creatures
-The game comes with a unique, old school visual style
-Intense, action-packed gameplay
-Complete quests and defeat the ultimate boss

Deadly Nightmare
Unwanted Heritage

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